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specializing in newborn, CHILD, small FAMILY & SENIOR PORTRAITURE and fine art throughout Mid-Michigan

Hello, I'm Melissa S. Brandel of Portraits by Melissa Starr.
I specialize in newborn, child, small family and senior portraiture throughout the Mid-Michigan region.
My photography studio is located in Saginaw, Michigan.

Photography has always been my passion for as long as I can remember,
just around the time I received my first camera in sixth grade as a birthday gift.
my passion turned into a love as my children were born & growing, way too quickly!!
Besides a true love for photography, I was a graphic designer { DESIGNS BY MELISSA STARR }
for over eight years and have designed for clients around the world.
Though within the past few years, I've decided to focus strictly
on the photography side of my business.

The reasons why I've chosen to only specialize in certain areas of photography...
My love for child and family photography starts with the wonder of what's going to happen next,
and that's usually when the magic happens.
While I always strive for a perfectly posed image,

capturing the laughter, love and connection that makes your family,

your family - my goal with each and every session.

One of the biggest joys for me is photographing a brand new baby

just days after being brought into this world.
I adore those little faces, and lips and fuzzy heads...

oh my, I could go on & on (and probably why I've had four babies myself)♥
I'm absolutely mesmerized by the ending results, the heart pounding images,
that will always remind you of how tiny your baby once used to be.

senior (girls) are admittedly my absolute favorite subjects to photograph.
I love the one on one attention,

seeing the transformation and confidence from the beginning of the shoot until the end.
I've photographed a senior on the side of a very busy bridge in the heart of Chicago,
in the water in full glam),
incorporated fifty pounds of flour into an explosive portrait session.
The options are endless, and my creative side completely adores that!!

A bit more about me on the personal side -
My wonderful husband, David and I, were basically high school sweethearts in the

little town of Merrill.
We have four beautiful children,
Three girls & our one and only little guy.
Ranging in ages from eighteen to just three years.
Our oldest daughter just started attending central michigan university this fall - Fire Up Chips!!
Our girls are involved in CMU Pompon, Swan Valley Middle School Pompon

and competitive dance at Extreme Dance Arts,
there's always something exciting going on or around our house!!

A little random fact, my middle name is Starr...People often think it's my last name.
It's my mother's maiden name, and the middle name I've given to my daughter's as well.

Thank you so much for taking the time to view my photography
and find out more about me.
Having lost my father unexpectedly a couple of years ago, I now understand
on a much greater level the importance of capturing & preserving those

ever so fleeting moments in life.

If you have any further questions or are interested in scheduling a session,

please contact me at any time.

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